Smile Makeover

ONE DAY SMILE MAKEOVER This patient was amazed we could perform her work in one visit with our CEREC technology. No 2nd appointment. No temporaries.



This patient straightened his teeth with clear braces & then replaced the old “bonding” with 8 veneers.



Replacing old crowns for a more natural look



ONE day Smile Makeover. This patient wanted to fix her smile and wanted to do so quickly. We completed 5 root canals & 6 all-porcelain crowns in ONE DAY. With CEREC technology, her final/permanent crowns were finished the same day. No temporaries. No 2nd visit. While there is still additional work to be done, she is beyond thrilled with the result thus far.





Our Smile Design of the Month for April, 2009. Our next step is to continue with the upper arch.



Our Smile Design of the Month for May, 2008.



Our Smile Design of the Month for May, 2008



Here it is! Our Smile Design of the Month for April, 2008. Our patient is thrilled with the final result and has thus far only voiced one regret…not getting it sooner. The final result consisted of 8 veneeers with soft-tissue contouring of the gums to make them more symmetrical.






Notice the dramatic difference a smile makeover made for this young man.



This young lady presented with an uneven gumline, fluorosis (staining) and a missing canine tooth. Through a combination of veneers, soft-tissue laser contouring of the gumline, and all-porcelain crowns, her goals were achieved.



This patient was unhappy with her top front teeth. Her existing white fillings were chipped and the color did not match her natural teeth. A conservative treatment plan of 4 porcelain veneers was chosen as the best option to achieve the look she desired.